Howdy y’all!

Welcome to the Farmhouse. Come on in and have a seat for a while and we’ll do our best to help you feel right at home. Have your self a cup of coffee or maybe some sweet iced tea and we’ll visit together for awhile.

Here at the farmhouse, we believe in trying to preserve the old, country ways. Pride, family, laughter, love, heritage, respect, hard work and patriotism, these are essential parts of our lives; they are the things that make us who we are. We don’t just want to preserve them we want to help pass them along to others that want to learn about them as well.

Did you ever wonder how to can a quart of green beans or what it takes to salt cure a ham or make a jar of pickles? Ever sip on some home made wine with your neighbors out under the shade tree or sit around the fireplace sharing stories of your great grandpa and his generation?

Now we aren’t saying that everyone wants to plow a twenty-acre field behind a team of mules, heck I don’t even want to do that any more, the tractor is much sexier and easier to use than those mules. What we are saying is that we must not forget those that came before us that did. We must not forget their dedication to family, to friends and to their way of life.

It’s that spirit, that dedication in what they believed in and worked and toiled so long and hard for that we want to keep alive. That sense of self worth, that belief that they were going to leave their sons and daughters with a better future, and a great past. That is what we want and strive to keep alive here.