Another great video by Shoshona. This one is on making a homemade smoothie that will help your brain. I don’t know about you but I am getting older and a bit for frazzled and I could use some clearing of the brain now and then.

Using herbs in your drinks and foods is a good way to get the healing herbs into your body. They are fun to make and great to drink and you can add the flavor that you like.


  • Avocado- a wedge of it. High in enzymes and oils that will help your brain think
  • Gingko- One teaspoon that will give you brain power
  • Ginseng – 1/4 teaspoon helps to balance things and help you think
  • Nettle leaf – 1 teaspoon and is very high in vitamins and minerals

To make it taste better

  • Mixed berries – One large cup. It has lots of antioxidants, purify your blood. Great for you. You should have lots of fruit everyday to think better
  • Orange juice concentrate – 3 tablespoons- Sweetens and gives it a nice punch
  • Green Tea – One cube – She made it very Strong. She put it in a ice cube tray and froze it.
  • Young coconut- About a tablespoon
  • Kale leaves – Enriches your body and helps you think better

Blend it all up
Now this is where you can get what you want. Take it and taste it. If it still has a strong green taste, then add more orange juice.
Drink it every morning for some great brain power

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