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Eucalyptus tree is the fastest growing the world and tallest known. The leaves are potent and in its pure form it should never be used as it is too strong. The oil is one of the most powerful antiseptics of its class, especially when it is old. It is good to smell and is used often as an aromatic.

Ephedra is widely known for its weight loss abilities, but was pulled by the FDA in 2003 for being dangerous. It is back in a new formula with the same properties of weight loss, relieving asthma and cold symptoms. It is a stimulant and should be treated cautiously.

Elecampane was used first in veterinarian use, before finding out how well it worked on people. Elecampane has many and varied uses for herbal remedies as it will treat asthma, bronchitis, menopause, Tuberculosis and Emphysema. It is also good for sleep and high cholesterol

Elder-Also called the Elder Flower is a popular healing herb with strong medicinal properties. If you are engaging in a herbs lifestyle then this is one herb that you should learn about. Discover what it looks like, its properties, cautions and uses.

Echinacea with the bright purple flowers is one of the most well known researched healing herbs known. It stimulates the immune system to help fight off colds,flu, viruses and bacterial. Learn the benefits, uses, properties and cautions of this herb.

Dong Quai was made with women in mind for it takes care of so many of the womens issues. It is good for menopause, PMS, blood purifying, menstrual cramps and pelvic instructions.

Dill is one of those quiet herbs that you don’t think much about or when you do, you think of dill pickles. But it does one thing and one thing really well and that is to take of your digestive system. It relieves constipation, gas, belching and burps.

Devil’s Club-In Alaska it is used quite often and the plant is easy to find. It has leaves like fronds of palms, harsh little dagger like spines and the red fruit adored by bears.

Devil’s claw bears a fruit that sticks with its tiny claws to everything. It has many properties and uses, the most important being for Adrenal fatigue, physical and emotional exhaustion

Danewort is a very old herb and the name is believed to have come from the belief that it grows only where Danes have fought battles. It is used for diarrhea, toothaches and wounds. It is in the Elder family but more potent.

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