Mens sexual libido and potency decline for many different reasons;

  • Aging
  • Weakening Health
  • Chronic health problems
  • Too much sex when young

Chinese herbs have been around for thousands of years and they can if taken properly and over a period of time stop the decline. They can bring back vitality and virility, but they can never bring you back to your sexual youth.

Just so you understand, Chinese herbs will not deliver to you the mechanical performance of taking Viagra. You do not take an herb and five minutes later are ready for sex, unless of course you would normally be ready. Because these Chinese herbs are a product of nature, they slowly and gently build up the potency at a rate your body can handle safely.

You must look at it as a process that will build up over time. Give them at least a few weeks to see if you feel the change. Herbal remedies for male sexual potency do work.

Chinese approach to male potency is to look at it as a muscle building exercise

Contains 13 herbs
1) Kidneys Strengthening

  • Xu Duan 續 斷
  • Du Zhong 杜 仲
  • Qian Shi 芡 實
  • Rou Cong Rong 肉 蓯 容

2) Blood Nourishment

  • Chuan Xiong 川 芎
  • Dang Gui 當 歸
  • Shu Di Huang 熟 地 黃

3) The Qi

  • Huang Qi 黃耆
  • Du Huo 獨 活
  • Gou Ji 狗 瘠

4) The Yang-Male characteristics inside the body

  • Suo Yang 鎖 陽
  • Xian Ling Pi 仙 靈 皮
  • Ba Ji Tian 巴 戟 天

Chinese traditional medicine is pretty amazing and has been around and used for many years. If you are curious then you should check it out.

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