mud trucking2Mud, mud, and more mud!

On Memorial Day we, here at the Kentucky Farmhouse, attended the annual down and dirty mud run cookout at an area farm. Let me tell ya’ll, it was a real hoot out at the mud pit!

If you’ve never seen or experienced, or don’t know what a mud run is then you have missed out on a great time that country boys and girls have been enjoying for a long time. Ya take big ole 4 wheel drive trucks or a four-wheeler or heck I’ve even seen some motorcycles in the mud, then get a big ole hole filled with water and mud and several people willing to get out in it and have some fun and then, maybe most importantly, something big enough to pull out the ones that get stuck. That’s a recipe for fun like ya’ll ain’t never seen.

There were probably around 300 people there that day, about 35 or 40 big four-wheel drive trucks splashing and spinning around in the mud making lots of noise and getting stuck hard, and several four-wheelers (ATV’s). The mud, dirt, water, bar-b-q smoke, laughter, and great times were flying around all day long.

There is even an hour out of the day set aside, and the mud pit is shut down to the vehicles, to allow the kids to run and play in the mud complete with a donation pot, only kids allowed, race thru the mud! I’m telling ya’ll, you would be so surprised at how fast those kids can run in that soggy mud.

This was pretty much an all day event; people laughed and ate, played in the mud and then jumped into the pond to clean off and swim a bit then right back into the mud, they shared stories and laughter under the shade trees, new friendships grew and older ones were strengthened as people gathered together to share a little bit of time and a little piece of themselves with each other.

It is a great example of what Memorial Day should mean to every one. The right and freedom to gather together and celebrate our lives, our freedoms, and liberty that has been paid for, and still is paid for, by the many men and women whom have fought and died for this wonderful Country and what it represents and I say God Bless Them all!

We took some pictures and a little bit of video just so ya’ll can have the chance to experience a mud run and we’re posting them here for ya’ll. So grab a cup of coffee or a cold drink, sit back and take a gander at ‘em and we hope ya’ll will enjoy them even half as much as we did taking them for ya.


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